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Sydney falls and balance clinic

Sydney falls and balance clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic run by Dr Kawaljit Singh in Campbelltown. He has a team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dietician and nurse. Computerised assessments are done to evaluate the risk of falls and then upto 12 weeks rehabilitation program is provided to improve strength and balance. Dr Singh also screen osteoporis using DEXA scan and then provides treatment if required.

Macarthur Cognitive clinic

Dr Kawaljit Singh runs cognitive clinic in Macarthur region. Aim of the clinic is to provide a specialist evaluation of cognition. A special care is provided to patient and the carer and ACAT referrals are made if required.

Blacktown geriatric clinic

Dr Kawaljit Singh runs a general geriatric clinic in Blacktown where he provides care to older patients regarding cognition, falls, polypharmacy, incontinence and frailty. He runs this clinic once a month on last saturday. As he is trained in Blacktown area, he is keen in providing care to the geriatric population in the area.

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